our story

we met in 2008 and quickly formed a friendship based on our snarky senses of humor and a strict no b.s. policy. we each have three kids and busy households, just like you.

you might ask why would we choose to add one more thing into our already crazy lives? because daniela bakes ridiculously beautiful and delicious cookies, and keryn craves all things creative. for the past two years, keryn encouraged daniela to quit her day job (as a lawyer!) and pursue her passion. do you have any idea how many conversations it took? she finally agreed, but with one caveat (of course) -- we had to do it together.

so here we are. two moms and a really great cookie. seriously. delicious and distinctive. we named our company zucchero, (zoo-ker-o) which means sugar in Italian. this celebrates both of our family’s heritages, but really, who are we kidding? we just really like sweet stuff.

Keryn Mathas and Daniela Crispi credit: chris taggart photography

keryn mathas & daniela crispi

daniela crispi, baker-in-chief and a former lawyer, is a busy caretaker (and chauffeur) of three boys, her husband, her mother and her very demanding bernedoodle! she has been, and continues to be chair of every committee possible and just cannot say “no”.

keryn mathas, chief marketing and branding officer and a former graphic designer, spends most of her days checking things off of her “to do” list so that her three kids and husband can survive another day. she hasn’t met a house she can’t renovate and/or redecorate.

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